Measuring Success – The Boston Club 2019 Census

The 2019 Census of Women Directors and Executive Officers of Massachusetts Public Companies TheBostonClub

“In 2003, 50 of the largest 100 public companies in Massachusetts had no women on their boards of directors, and women held only 74 of the 822 total board seats. 56 of the 100 companies had no women executive officers. In this 2019 Census, women comprise a

record high 24.0% of the total board seats, and 98 companies have at least one woman director. Only one company among the 100 has no women directors or executive officers, down from 8 ‘zero-zeroes’ just last year.

While we celebrate this progress, it is clear that our work in measuring and reporting is not yet over. 35 Census companies still have no women in their executive suites. Women of color are only 3.2% of the directors in Census companies. Over the past few years, we have seen and welcomed stronger public support for gender and racial diversity in public company leadership, and we will continue to track the resulting changes.”

This year’s Census, the 17th edition, is a terrific example of “what gets measured, gets done.” Over the past year, more women than in the past have joined these corporate boards, a greater share of the directors are women of color, only two Census companies continue to operate with all-male boards, only one has no women in either its boardroom or its executive suite, more than twice as many companies have 30% or more of female executive officers, and increasing numbers of women are playing leadership roles as board or committee chairs. While celebrating these positive outcomes, the Census data also document several gaps and areas for improvement.


...we find that banks with more gender diversity on their board perform better once the composition of these boards reaches a critical level of gender diversity, corresponding to a board female share of around 13-17 percent.

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