Impact Of Women In Corporate Leadership





Corporations are painfully slow at adding women to their boards despite a plethora of academic research about the

benefits of – Brought to your attention by Randy Rice
Office of Rhode Island Treasurer –
gender diversity within groups. The main question for investors, however, is whether the presence of women on boards improves stock performance.To answer this question, we evaluated the companies in the S&P 500 Index in 2006 and tracked their performance for 10 years.

Our research found that the presence of women on boards did make a difference in stock performance over the 10-year period. Companies with zero women on their boards underperformed those with one or more woman and, to a greater extent, underperformed companies with more than 25 percent female board members.

These findings mirror the results of the Credit Suisse Research Institute’s CS Gender 3000 report, which measured similar results in more than 3,000 global companies.

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