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Institutional Investors Working With Thirty Percent
Coalition Continue to Push for Increased Gender Diversity in the Boardroom

Ft. Washington, Penn., February 18, 2015 – The Thirty Percent Coalition’s Institutional Investors continued their active “Adopt a Company” campaign following a series of letters sent to approximately 160 companies in the S&P 500 and Russell 1000 with no women on their boards. The third letter writing campaign in the fall of 2014 was supported by representatives of investors representing $3 trillion in assets under management, signed by Pension Funds and State Officials, Mutual Funds and Investment Managers, Foundations, Religious Institutions, and Women’s Organizations across the US. This campaign included many signatories who are not officially members of the Coalition and highlights the influence that the Thirty Percent Coalition’s Institutional Investor Committee has in drawing supporters to this issue.

To date, 21 responses have been received from companies that received the third letter and include:



CalSTRS and The Thirty Percent Coalition Expand Campaign  For More Women on Corporate Boards

The Thirty Percent Coalition is reaching out to Russell 1000 companies lacking women board directors.

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Institutional investors representing more than $3 trillion in assets under management, along with some of the nation’s leading women’s organizations, sent letters to 100 companies in the Russell 1000 Index that lack women on their boards of directors, urging them to embrace gender diversity.

The Thirty Percent Coalition, in its latest initiative led by The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), is calling for companies to seek and place women on their boards of directors. This is the third consecutive year the Coalition along with a broad group of institutional investors, foundations and women’s organizations, has sent letters seeking gender diversity on corporate boards. CalSTRS is one of the coalition’s founding members.


Champions of Change Charter 2014


 We are CEOs, Board Chairs and Lead Directors, Nominating Committee Chairs and Members of Nominating Committees of U.S. corporations.

We believe that gender diversity in the corporate boardroom is an essential part of good business strategy and represents best practices that have been proven to gain bottom-line benefits and improved governance.

As individuals with leadership positions in corporate governance, we are committed to actively advancing gender diversity in U.S. corporate boardrooms, leading by example and acting as public advocates for this needed change.

We believe that gender diversity on boards can be achieved by:


Champions of Change Organize to Promote
Female Representation in the U.S. Boardroom

Seven Corporate Leaders form the Initial Group of Champions

Fort Washington, PA – March 25, 2014 – A new group of corporate leaders has been formed in the U.S. to promote gender diversity in the corporate boardroom.  The Champions of Change consists of an initial core group of four men and three women with extensive board leadership experience and records of advancing diversity. 

 The Champions of Change, an initiative created and organized by the Thirty Percent Coalition, will use their collective influence and the personal commitment of each member to act as public advocates for increasing the number of women across public company boards and to encourage other leaders to embrace this mission.  The joining of these leaders in a common effort reflects the essence of the Coalition as a collaborative venture of leading organizations and individuals committed to the goal of board gender diversity. The Champions of Change initial group includes:


"Thirty years ago, we would never have thought that there would be so few women in the boardrooms."
~ Chairwoman of the board of a holding of an international company